Electronic Manufacturing Services


Experienced in all aspects of electronic design, the team of design engineers at Altimex has been providing a successful electronic design service since 1995. Using the very latest software and state-of-the-art test equipment, we are repeatedly able to fulfil the client’s requirements to the letter of the brief. Often providing unique solutions to a client’s wide range of electronic problems, we are frequently regarded and used as a collaborative extension of the client’s own in-house team.

We are able to take your concept ideas and design the electronic control system to meet your requirements from the ground up. Having produced the prototype for you approval, we will then carry out the full scale production, all within our Cheshire-based manufacturing unit. We are able to offer our clients a full range of services from single, hand-mounted pcb assemblies up to multi-layer boards using pick and place equipment, with flow soldering for high volumes. We pride ourselves on offering “smart” solutions using advanced manufacturing technologies wherever appropriate.

We constantly strive to work as closely as possible with our customers and endeavor to offer all the benefits of the latest technology combined with a fast and friendly service. All work is carried out in a confidential manner, working to our own internal strict quality management system .We work to all required external standards, including SIL where necessary.

Design consultancy/design capabilities + solutions/project management

Range of design solutions

 Our electronic design solutions include:

  • motor control
    power circuitry
    telecommunications and radio frequency
    re-engineering obsolescent designs
    CE marking and EMC EMI safety testing

We also have extensive experience of all types of embedded systems using micro-controller designs. E.g. Hydraulic systems, monitoring and control systems, RFID applications and many more.

Our designs incorporate PIC controllers, micro-controllers, microprocessors, digital embedded controls, Ethernet, USB, wireless, Bluetooth, Zigbee, serial communications, battery capability, mains capability, and signal processing with 8 bit, 16 bit, or 32 bit.


Range of products

 The range of products we manufacture includes the following:

  • LED lighting systems from single LED up-lights to sophisticated linear systems
  • High frequency lighting panels assembled and tested in-house to a client's own strict requirements.
  • Traffic management wigwags where Altimex design and manufacture not just the LED boards but the control systems and assemblies which are then are ready for installation.
  • Hand held controls, designed for use with mobility equipment.
  • Control boards for egg washing machines.
  • Garage test and measurement equipment for use by professionals.






"Altimex have always proven to be a reliable supplier who operate in an open and honest fashion. Their quality and service is of the highest standard and they are always helpful and friendly"

Lee Waterhouse
Director TWM Ltd