Fibre Optics


We are proud to work closely with our manufacturing partners in a collaborative arrangement which encourages and fosters market-led product development. By offering our customers the latest fibre optic solutions based on over 20 years’ experience in the high end of the market, we ensure you continue to receive optimum response to your needs in the shortest time available.


Project management

By working closely with the equipment manufacturers we are able to keep our clients in touch with the latest technology and can help them ensure their projects utilise the best options available. Where helpful we can organise presentations of new products to the project management teams.

Singlemode/multimode fibre

To ensure the correct type of communication capability is delivered for each unique set of circumstances relating to a particular job, Altimex is, of course, regularly involved in both singlemode and multimode connectivity provision. Governing criteria such as cost, the need for high-precision scientific work or the requirement for a large amount of backbone applications will determine which product is proposed.

Complete assemblies

Altimex are able to offer complete fibre optic assemblies from the incoming cables to the joint enclosures, patchpanels and outgoing patchcords. We can provide multifibre MTP backbone cables and plug and play cassettes and modules to the most stringent quality standards.

If your network requires splitters or attenuation we can provide these manufactured to suit your requirements.

Complete fibre cable assemblies can be supplied as multicore fan out cables again manufactured to suit your requirements in terms of fibre type and count, fan out specification and lengths.

Altimex has a durable relationship with its main suppliers. In the case of fibre, this translates into an extremely wide range of product availability both singlemode and multimode, as can be seen from this selection of products typically supplied by Altimex to clients on a regular basis:

  • Ultra high density (UHD) fibre optic panels and management systems
  • MTP panels and cables
  • Multi fibre pre-terminated fibre cables
  • Fixed and sliding patch panels
  • Full range of Simplex, duplex and flat ribbon patch cords and pigtails
  • Tight buffered, single loose tube and multi loose tube distribution cables for internal and external applications
  • Many variations of armoured, aerial, rodent resistant and water blocked cables.
  • Fibre test and measurement equipment
  • Optic al splitters and attenuators
  • Data cables






"As a Manager trying to deliver solutions in a fast paced, ever changing Industry, I need to have the confidence that my suppliers can deliver.

Altimex have always delivered and continually go above and beyond to satisfy my demand for more solutions. Primarily dealing with the fibre side of Altimex I have always found the team to be professional, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have the utmost confidence that whatever I request is always met with a high level of professionalism and a surety that a solution will be provided"

  Keith Vicary, Field Engineering Manager

TalkTalk Technology, Irlam